Martin Ries

Painter, Printmaker, Art Historian, Art Critic


Professor Emeritus, Long Island University, University Plaza, Brooklyn, N.Y. [retired 1995].
Member, Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art, American Section.
Member, Artists Equity Association.
Board of Directors, A.R.E.A. (Artists Representing Environmental Art, Inc.)
Member, American Society of Contemporary Artists.
Member, National Writers Union.
U.S. Editor, Irony & Rude Questions, art journal, Vence, France.
Juror, Institute of International Education, J. William Fulbright art scholarships.
Married to Dianys d'Arcy Frobisher [widowed 2012], opera singer, writer, artist, teacher, four children, numerous grandchildren, greatgrandchildren.
1940-44 Corcoran Gallery of Art School.
1941 Informal etching lesson with Jacob Kainen, Smithsonian Instution.
1947-50 American University, BA Fine Arts (William Calfee, Robert Gates, Leo Steppat, Jack Tworkov).
1962-63 Pratt Graphics Art Center (Walter Rogalski, Andrew Stasik).
1963-68 Hunter College, MA Art History (E.C. Goossen, William Rubin, Leo Steinberg, Tony Smith, Ad Reinhardt, Ray Parker). Thesis: "The Minotaur in Western Art," Leo Steinberg, Advisor. Post Graduate: Museum Administration (Everett Ellin, Assistant Director, Guggenheim Museum & Director Computer Research, MoMA; Wilder Green, Director of Exhibitions, MoMA; James Elliott, Director, Wadsworth Atheneum).
1973-75 New Rochelle Extension Course, Photographic Silk Screen.
1976 Art Students League, Lithography, (Ponce de Leon).
1977 Midchester YMYWHA, Sculpture in Plastics (George Adamy).
1944 Army Specialized Training Program.
1945 U.S. Army, Intelligence & Reconnaissance.
1946 U.S. Army, Information & Education Division, Southwest Pacific.
1951 Assistant Director, Public Relations, National Congressional Committee, Washington D.C.
1954 Fellowship to Yaddo Art Colony, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
1955-56 Lived and painted in Spain (including Guernica), Europe, and England.
1957-67 Assistant Director, Hudson River Museum. Curated numerous exhibitions, including (with E.C. Goossen) "8 Young Artists 1964" (Carl Andre, Walter Bannard, Robert Barry, Robert Huot, Patricia Johanson, Antoni Milkowski, Douglas Ohlson, Terrence Syverson) Hudson River Museum and Bennington College.
Also see "8 Young Artists Then & Now" 1991
Advisor to Westchester Cultural Center (Rep. Ogden Reid, Chair). Advisor to Westchester Art Center.
1967-94 Taught art history, drawing & painting, printmaking, color theory, at Long Island University, Brooklyn & CW Post campuses. Full Professor with tenure.
1974-75 Contributing Editor, Arts Magazine.
1976-77 Art Editor, Greenwich Village News.
1982 Curated, oversaw production of catalog, "Albert Kotin Memorial Exhibition", 
Barron Art Center, N.J., and Long Island University.
1987 Seminar and critique, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
1988-94 Received series of grants from Long Island University for independent art work, and scholarly research.
1992 Chaired symposium on environmental art and ecology for Artists Representing Environmental Art, at Soho 20 Gallery, N.Y., N.Y.
1998 Juror for Institute of International Education, William J. Fulbright Art Scholarship, United Nations, N.Y.
2001 Westchester News channel 12 "Spotlight" interview with Tracy Everson, and cameraman Bart Delarmi.
2001 Two paintings at Sotheby's Auction House to benefit J William Fulbright Legacy Fund.
2004 Supplied transparency and photographs of Carl Andre to Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles for inclusion in their catalog, A Minimal Future? Art As Object 1958-1968, MIT Press, 2004, p.136, 137.
2010 Particpate in and recorded conversation with Richard Miller and Elaine Wechsler, Re: John Hultberg Art, NY Art World, and Careers 1950s–70s. © Elaine Wechsler Living Trust; for Smithsonian Institution Archives.
1952 Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
1953 Whyte Gallery ("Critics' Choice" selected by Leslie Judd Ahlander, art critic, The Washington Post).
Corcoran Gallery of Art (Honorable Mention).
1954 National Society of Arts & Letters Invited Exhibition, Corcoran Gallery of Art.
1955 Instituto de Cultura Hispanica, Madrid University, Spain (solo).
1956 Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.C. (drawing exhibition).
1957 Toledo Museum, Ohio.
Riverside Museum, N.Y.C.
1958 ART:USA'58, N.Y.C.   
James Gallery, N.Y.C.
1959 Albany Institute of History & Art, Albany N.Y.
1963 Photograph of Those Who Sit In Darkness: The Tragedy in John F Kennedy Library, Boston Massachusetts.
1964 Riverside Museum N.Y.C. (three paintings purchased for museum collection; now in Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University).
1965 Rina Gallery, Princeton NJ (solo).
1966 Loeb Student Center, New York University, N.Y.C.
1967 Pace University, Pleasantville, N.Y. (painting in permanent collection).
East Hampton Gallery, N.Y.C. ("The Visionaries" exhibition).
New York State University, Albany N.Y.
1968 Paul Gallery, Tokyo Japan (solo, silk screen prints).
Atelier Gallery, N.Y.C. (solo).
1969 Fordham University, N.Y.C. (solo).
Downey Museum, Los Angeles California.
1970 Mann Gallery, N.Y.C.
1971 International Center, N.Y.C. (solo).
1973 Atelier Terre d'Ocre, Verfeil France (solo).
1974-75 Norman Kramer Gallery, Danbury Connecticut (series of group shows). 1976 Unicorn Gallery, Soho, N.Y.C. (solo).
1977 Landmark Gallery, N.Y.C.
1978 Ganesh Gallery, Lenox Massachusetts (solo).
1979 Casa dela Cultura Ecuatoriana, in Cuayaquil; and Museo del Banco Central, in Quito Ecuador.
1980 "Critics Choice For the 80s" (selected by Noel Frackman, Contributing Editor, Arts Magazine) Hammer Gallery, N.Y.C.
1982 "Arteder 82 Muestra Internacional de Obra Grafica", Bilbao, Spain (silk prints).
Curated and exhibited, "Points of View: Nine Individual Shows" Westbeth Gallery, N.Y.C.
1983 "Beyond the Wall" Aaron Berman Gallery, N.Y.C.
1984 "Borrowings and Perceptions" Belanthi Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y. (solo). 1985 "The Gathering of the Avant-Garde" Kenkeleba Gallery, N.Y.C.
John Christian Gallery, Soho N.Y.C.
1986 "Abstract With Memories: 1948-86" Fordham University, Lincoln Center, N.Y.C. (retrospective of paintings, prints, and drawings).
1987 "New Work" Stamford Museum, Stamford Connecticut (solo).
1988 "New American Art", Institute of Contemporary Art, Mall Galleries, London, England; curated by Sheila Reid.
1989 "The Sign Is Operative: Prints in Juxtaposition" Raja Idris Gallery, Melbourne Australia; also Robb Street Gallery, Bairnsdale Australia (solo, silk screen monoprints).
1990 Glass Gallery, N.Y.C. (silk screen monoprints).
"Images/1990" American Society of Contemporary Artists, Broome St Gallery, Soho,N.Y.C.
1991 Grace Gallery, N.Y.C. Technical College, Brooklyn N.Y. (solo).
1993 American Society of Contemporary Artists 75th Anniversary Exhibition, Broome St Gallery, Soho, N.Y.C.
1994 "The Homages: Interlaced Images" Salena Gallery, Long Island University, Brooklyn, N.Y. (solo).
"Effect or Infect (Art and the Ecology)", Artists Representing Environmental Art, Invitational Space Soho 20, N.Y.C.
1996 "Homages, Images, Juxtapositions" 2/20 Gallery, Chelsea,N.Y.C. (solo).
"Small Works" Nexus Gallery, East Village, N.Y.C. (Best in Show Award).
2000 "Celebrating Yaddo Artists" Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn.
"The Beginning of a Circle: Homages & Juxtapositions" Watkins Gallery, American
University, Washington DC. (retrospective).
"Snapshot" Contemporary Museum, Baltimore.
2001 Two paintings exhibited for auction at Sotheby's to benefit J William Fulbright Legacy Fund.

"Homages, Conjunctions and Juxtapositions" Karpeles Museum, Newburgh NY (solo).

"Visual Diversities" Katonah Museum Artists Association, Mt Kisco NY .
2004 "What's the Story? Narrative Art from the Watkins Collection," The Watkins Gallery, American University, Washington, DC.
2002 "Homages, Conjunctions and Juxtapositions" Karpeles Museum, Newburgh NY (solo).
"Visual Diversities" Katonah Museum Artists Association, Mt Kisco NY.
2004 "What's the Story? Narrative Art from the Watkins Collection", The Watkins Gallery, American University, Washington, DC.
2007 Mystic Landscapes: Intuitions of an Order” solo exhibition, Hammond Museum (North Salem NY) June 6 - September 8.
2010 “Capturing Memories in Art” Encircling Mandalas of Spring: Homage to Andy Warhol, 1986, Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers NY.
“Running on Empty” five paintings, Francesca Fine Arts, NYC.
2012 Syncretic Visions, screen print, Francesca Fine Arts, NY, NY.
Mystic Landscape and the Unexplained Fog of Ions, Rochester Contemporary Art Center.
Three paintings in the Amackassin Club, in cooperation with the Blue Door Gallery.
2013 Three paintings at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts
Melbourne, Australia. February 2 - March 25, 2013.
2013 Jackson Pollock: Gather to the Eyes,  Bowery Gallery 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition,
Joan Snyder, juror.

Blue Step" (Homage to Ana Mendieta), 98th Annual Juried Show,
Lumen Winter Gallery, New Rochelle NY, Elisa Cooper, Juror.
Mystic Landscape in Cosmic Web and Mystic Landscape Feeds Upon Infinity,
Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers NY,  Leslee Asch, Juror.

2015 Ten paintings, Carter Burden Gallery, NY. (solo).
"Small Works" exhibition, Carter Burden Gallery, NY.
"PaperWorks2015", Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson NY.
2016 Blue Door Gallery 8th Annual Artist-Member Juried Exhibition, Yonkers NY.
1957 "The Elusive Goya" The New Republic (28 October).
1957-67 Monthly articles for The Hudson River Museum Bulletin, including a series on the history of modern art.
1959 Hudson River Art: Past & Present, curated and wrote catalog introduction (19th and 20th century art exhibition).
1962 "Children's Art Should Be Seen..." The Hudson River Museum Bulletin.
1965 "Endowments for the Great Society" Art Voices Magazine, summer issue, reprinted in critical anthology, The New Art, ed., G. Battcock, Dutton Co., N.Y.
1968 Represented in Psychedelic Art, by Masters and Houston, Grove Press, N.Y.
1972-73 "Picasso and the Myth of the Minotaur" Art Journal, winter issue [cited in numerous subsequent publications; excerpt reprinted in Picasso in Perspective, anthology edited by Gert Schiff, volume in "The Artists in Perspective Series", H.W. Janson, general editor, Prentice-Hall].
1974 Represented in A Select Few, July issue.
1975 "Lucas Samaras's Powdered Absolute" Arts & Artists (London), summer issue.
1976 Made ten illustrations for Cinderella Around the World, anthology of ancient legends requiring authentic renditions of costumes, backgrounds, etc., David McKay Pub. N.Y. (contract with authors cancelled, book and illustrations not published).
1977 "John Fenton" monograph on late artist scheduled for publication by Bellevue Press, Binghamton, N.Y.C.; abridged version in /Greenwich Village News Magazine/, May-June.
"Metamorphosis of a Painter" [Richard Miller], /Greenwich Village News Magazine/, March-April (quoted in /Richard Kidwell Miller/, catalog, West Virginia Historical Art Collection, West Virginia University Libraries, John A Cuthbert, Curator, 2004).
1982 "AREA Sculpture - Ward's Island" outdoor sculpture exhibition on grounds of the Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Ward's Island, N.Y.C.
1984 "Ambience/Stimuli (Alternative Museum, N.Y.C.)" /Re-Dact: An Anthology of Art Criticism/, eds., Peter Frank and Earl Willis, Locker & Owens Pub., N.Y.C. (quoted in /Richard Kidwell Miller/, catalog, West Virginia Historical Art Collection, West Virginia University Libraries, John A Cuthbert, Curator, 2004).
1986 Introduction to Picasso's Guernica - Images Within Images by M. Becraft, California.
1989 "Environmental Art: Working with the Elements" (with Roy Moyer), video produced by Artists Representing Environmental Art, and Hofstra University.
1990 Represented in Design Dimensions: An Introduction To The Visual Surface, by Cynthia Dantzic, Prentice-Hall, N.J., 1990, p.263.
1991 Articles on Carl Andre, Salvador Dali*, and Franz Kline, commissioned by St. James Press, London & Chicago, for Contemporary Masterworks, Colin Naylor, ed. [Included in website]. *[Dalí article reprinted in Science in Society journal (UK), 08/10/08, as Salvador Dalí, Paranoia and Dissolution of Time” / Martin Ries dissects The Persistence of Memory. See]
Reviewed Design Dimensions: An Introduction to the Visual Atrs by C Dantzic, In Women's Caucus for Art, summer 1991.
1992 Art Research and visuals for TV documentary "The Feuding Tombs of Christopher Columbus," Newman Associates, Washington DC.
1995 "Braque's Ateliers and the Symbolic Bird" Journal of Aesthetic Education, 
University of Illinois Press, vol. 29, no 2, summer 1995.
2002 "André Masson: Surrealism and His Discontents" Art Journal, N.Y., 
vol. 61, no. 4, winter 2002.
2002 "André Masson: Ecstasy of Discontent" ["L'estasi del Disagio"] the lead article in the March 2002 issue, Art e Dossier, vol.XVII, no.176, Florence , Italy . )
2005 "De Kooning's Asheville and Zelda's ImmolationArt Criticism journal, 
SUNY at Stony Brook, vol. 20, no. 1. 
2006 "John Hultberg's Abstract PerspectivismArt Criticism journal,
vol. 21, no. 1, spring 2006
2007 "Gorky's Centauromachia: Betrothal and Betrayal Art Criticism journal,
vol. 22, no. 1, spring 2007.

"Andre Masson: Surrealist, Survivor, Sage" posted on art&education: [Art and Education, a collaboration between Artforum and e-flux, is a global platform for distributing research in the field of modern and contemporary art].

2009 Wrote Introduction to catalog for forthcoming exhibition:
John Hultberg: Intoxicated by the Great Creature’s Respiration
2009 Wrote Letter of Reference to Guggenheim Foundation for Knox Martin.
2009 Cited in Into the Light: Paintings by Vivian Tsao, catalog, National Museum of History, Taipei, p.127.
2010 "André Masson: Surrealist, Survivor, Sage" originally published on in 2009: (Now shown here with images added).
2010 "Gorky's Roof's, Goats, Letters & Documents Art Criticism journal,
vol. 25, no. 1&2, autumn 2010.

"John Hultberg's Uninterrupted State of Prayer and New York Angst"
published by Art and Beyond Publications/online in their January-February 2013 issue.


"Picasso’s Innermost Self, Clark’s Room-Space, and Jacqueline’s Eye"
posted on ARTES magazine, 7 June 2014.


"Picasso's Woman: Study in Symbolism and Manifest Desire"
originally posted on ARTES magazine, 3 Nov. 2014.

2015 "Surrealist Painter, André Masson: Sophocles, de Sade, and Oedipus"
lead article originally posted on ARTES magazine, January 19, 2015
2015 "André Masson, Sophocles, de Sade, and Oedipus"
posted in full on this website, Apr. 2015

"André Masson's Woman: Symbolism, Retrieval, and the Metamorphosis of Surrealism"
posted on this website, Jun. 2017


Giovanni di Paolo - "The Great Expulsion"
posted on this website, Mar. 2018


Wrote numerous reviews, introductions to catalogs, statements for artists, artist and gallery news releases, etc.  Many citations in scholarly books and journals. Papers and documents in Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., including "Live Along the Line: Six Decades,1940's - 1990's, Martin Ries: Paintings, Prints, Drawings", on DVD and Blu-Ray.


Who's Who in American Art; International Contemporary Arts Directory; International Directory of Art; International Who's Who in Art & Antiquities; Who's Who in the East; Directory of International Biography; American Authors Today; Personaggi Contemporanei (Milan); others.


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Arshile Gorky, Armenians massacres
Gorky's Centauromachia: Betrothal and Betrayal
Arshile Gorky Armenian genocide
Armenians massacred, Armenians massacre
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