Martin Ries

In 2000 began series of “Mystic Landscapes” after finding early 1950 sketch (not then used) for “Sacred Landscape” series, and still continuing as of 2013. Retrospective exhibition "The Beginning of a Circle: Homages & Juxtapositions" Watkins Gallery, American University, Washington DC. "Celebrating Yaddo Artists" at Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. Two paintings for auction at Sotheby's to benefit J William Fulbright Legacy Fund. Solo exhibition, “Homages, Conjunctions, and Juxtapositions” Karpeles Museum. “Visual Diversities” Katonah Museum Artists Association. “Sacred Landscape: Holyman in Ellipse” in “What’s the Story? Narrative Art from the Watkins Collection,” American University. “Mystic Landscapes: Intuitions of an Order” solo exhibition, Hammond Museum. Supplied 1964 transparencies of Carl Andre to Museum of Contemporary Art for catalog, "A Minimal Future? Art As Object 1958-1968" MIT Press. Published succession of art history papers (all now available on website).


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Mystic Landscape: Rapture in the Molecular Field  

2000, 16 x 12, acrylic, on canvas panel.
Collection of Mr and Mrs Dean Busetti, Stamford CT.

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The Eye Altering, Alters All (William Blake)

2001, 15 x 11, acrylic, attached parts on panel.
Collection of Dennis Wepman, Newburg, NY.

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Halberd: Molecular Rapture

2000, 14 x 8 x 1, acrylic, attached part/canvas panel.
Collection of Mr & Mrs David Patrick Ries, Olney MD.

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Mortal Disquiet

2000, 16 x 12, acrylic, collage on canvas panel.

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Enigmatic Labyrinth and Subatomic Mother Earth

2001, 12 x 8 x 1/4, acrylic, attached part on treated cardbord

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Ample Sovereignty of the Eyes: Homage to Pablo Picasso

2003, 9 x 12 x 5/8, acrylic, attached photocopy on canvas panel

Mystic Landscapes

The Missing Element In Gravity: Mystic Landscape

2011, 14x8, acrylic, glitter, on treated panel.
Collection of Mr.
Robert C Morgan, NY.

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"Blue Step" (Homage to Ana Mendieta)

2013, 12x8 in., acrylic, collage, glitter, attached part on treated board.

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"Mystic Landscapes by Martin Ries"
Full color catalogue, 2006
©, 8.5 x 11, 24 page.
Essay by Robert C. Morgan, Afterword by Martin Ries