Martin Ries

Studied at Corcoran Gallery Art School while in high school. Had informal etching lesson with  Jacob Kainen at Smithsonian Institution. Joined army, given specialized training for Intelligence and Reconnaissance Division.  After serving in the South West Pacific, Ries matriculated at American University to study art on the GI Bill; studied with William Calfee, Jack Tworkov, Leo Steppat, others. Most early paintings have been sold, dispersed, or not survived.

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“Noel” Greeting print

c.1943, two-color linoleum print on paper.

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Portrait of the Artist as a Very Young Man

c.1948, oil/canvas.
Whereabouts unknown.

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Portrait of Walter Anglin

c.1948, oil/canvas.
Collection of Walter Anglin, Roanoke NC.

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Dead Bird

c.1948, 3x4, linoleum print/paper.
Collection of Carmel Fenlon, Wexford Ireland

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An Angel

1948, 9x2Q, linoleum print with gold leaf.

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Bird in Jungle

c.1948, 9x12, linoleum print/paper.

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Bird with Young

c.1948, 6x4, linoleum print.

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Family of Owls

c.1949, egg tempera/board, whereabouts unknown.

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For This Dead Bird Sigh a Prayer

1949, 12 1/2 x 14 1/2,   gouache/board.
Collection of William H. Calfee Foundation.

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Ritual Magic

1949, 17x23, egg tempera on Upson board.
Collection of Mr & Mrs Edward Mazzacco, Stockholm Sweden.

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The Sun-Spot and the Holy Man

1949, 8x10, egg tempera on board.
Collection of James Nyce, Arlington, VA.

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