Martin Ries

After college Ries experienced a dramatic development in his art as he began a series of Sacred Landscapes, dealing with death and the demise of civilizations. In 1955 he sold many of these early paintings to live and exhibit in Spain for a year.  Solo exhibition Instituto de Cultura Hispanica, Madrid University. Visited Guernica. He had a work in a drawing exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Published "The Elusive Goya" in New Republic magazine. Fellowship to Yaddo Art Colony.

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Madonna, Child, and Skeleton

c.1950, egg tempera, gold leaf / board.
Collection of Mr & Mrs Arnold Sherman, Israel.

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Shaman with Hydra Form

1950, 17x23-1/2, egg tempera on board.
Collection of d'Arcy Ries [destroyed in fire 1986].

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Sacred Landscape

1950, 18 x 24, egg tempera on board.
Collection of Dr. Jack Greenbaum, NYC.

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Tiresias, Hydra-Form and Holyman

1950, 20x15, egg tempera on board.
Collection of Pittore Family, N.H. and Fl.

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Mystic Landscape

1950, 8-1/2x11, ink on paper.
Whereabouts unknown.

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Sacred Landscape with Hydra-Forms

1951, 14 1/2 x 36, egg tempera on board.

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Sacred Landscape, I

1950-52, 25 x 20, egg tempera on board.
Collection of Pittore Family, N.H. and Fl.

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Sacred Landscape: Holyman in Ellipse

1952, 11x14, egg tempera on board.
Collection of Watkins Gallery, American University, Washington DC.

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Sacred Landscape, Holyman, Hydra Form

c.1950, egg tempera on board.
Collection of Betsy Vennema Humes, NYC & Me.

[Former Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Carey Vennema, NYC.]

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Holy Man with Painting

1952, 8x12, acrylic on masonite.
Whereabouts unknown.

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Drawing: Sacred Landscape

1958, 3 x 5, ink on paper.
Whereabouts unknown

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Medieval Halberd

1958, 42 x 35, egg tempera on masonite.
Collection of Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC

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Sacred Landscape III

1953, 12 x 25, egg tempera on Upsonboard.
Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Herb Rosenberg, Dobbs Ferry, NY.

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King in State

1957, 7-1/2x5-1/2, ink on paper.

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