Martin Ries
While working as Assistant Director at the Hudson River Museum, earned a Masters degree in art history at Hunter College; thesis: The Minotaur and Labyrinth from Ancient Egypt and Greece to Picasso's Guernica. Began printing silk screen images from thesis into paintings. Solo exhibition of prints in Tokyo. With E.C. Goossen, curated "8 Young Artists" (Carl Andre, Walter Bannard, Robert Barry, Robert Huot, Patricia Johanson, Antoni Milkowski, Douglas Ohlson, Terrence Syverson) at Hudson River Museum; exhibition traveled to Bennington College, Vermont. Wrote "Endowments for the Great Society" for Art Voices magazine; reprinted in anthology, The New Art, Gregory Battcock, editor. Joined Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art, the American Section.

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Sacred Landscape

1961, 6 x 18, etching and aquatint.
Edition of 25.

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Promiscuous Ganglions in Dread Unconscious

1960, 16x20, acrylic, screen, collage/masonite.

Sacred Landscape with Throne and Mountin

1960, 11 x 32, egg tempera, acrylic, collage/board.
whereabouts unknown

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Sacred Landscape and Planets

c.1960, 3 x 18, etching and aquatint.
Collection of Jacob Kainen, Washington DC.

Semana Santa

1961, 15x8, two-color linoleum print.
Collection of Carmel Fenlon, Wexford Ireland.

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Skeletal Man

c.1964, egg tempera.
Collection of Riverside Museum/Rose Art Museum,
Brandeis University Museum, MA.

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Happiness is Full of Endless Distances, I

c.1965, 8x12 acrylic, screen, collage on treated board.
Collection of Mr and Mrs David Affleck, Melbourne Australia.

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Labyrinths Masked By Logos

1968, 20x26, screen monoprint and collage.
Collection of Dr Anie Kalayjian, NYC.

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Printed For Paul

1968, screen monoprint.
Collection of Paul Watabe, Tokyo, Japan.

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Theseus, Labyrinth and Ariadne: Silence of the Earth

1968, 11 x 32, egg tempera, acrylic, collage/board.

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Time and Touch They Keep, II

1968, 10x20, screen and collage mono print.
Collection of Mr & Mrs Concepcion, West Palm Beach FL.

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Tis Lost But Once and Once Lost, Lost Forever

1968, 8x12, acrylic, collage, attached parts on treated board.
Collection of Mr and Mrs David Affleck, Melbourne Australia.

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Unity Divides Our Labyrinth With Inward Radial Fire

1969, Acrylic, screen print, collage, gold leaf on treated board
Collection of Amanda and Mark Heydon, Melbourne Australia


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