Martin Ries

Taught art history and studio courses at Long Island University, given tenure in 1972, Full Professorship in 1978. Series of "Homages" to artists he had been influenced by or artists he especially liked. Exhibited prints in Ecuador. Published "Picasso and the Myth of the Minotaur" in Art Journal; portion reprinted in Picasso in Perspective, anthology edited by Gert Schiff. Contributing Editor, Arts magazine; Art Editor, Greenwich Village News.

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Indifferent to Creativity and Small Tragedies

1970, 11 x 8, acrilic, screen, gold mylar, collage on board.
Collection of Mr and Mrs Kurt Delbanco, NYC.

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Not Empty-Handed in an Endlesss Continuum

1970, 18 x 24, Egg Tempera, screen, collage/masonite.

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Spring and Beauty and Wine To Each Other

1970, 12 x 8, acrylic, screen, collage.
Collection of Dr Robert Spalten , NYC.

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Japanese Rendering

1972, 20 x 26, screen monoprint.
Collection of Prof John Lane, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY.

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Frivolity of the Non-Human

1972, 20 x 26, Screen print.

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Hallowed Slaughter of History and the Biology of Ultimate Concern

1972, 20x26, screen print.
Collection of Shirli Evans, NYC & CA.

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Eyes Without Ecstasy

1975, 48 x 24, acrylic, screen, collage/masonite.
Collection of Lynda Kovach, NY
[Former Collection of Dr. Abraham Silverstein, Riverdale NY.

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Girl, Crow and Guernica in Continuum:
Homage to Pablo Picasso

1975, 28x20, acrylic, silk screen, collage on board panel.
Collection of Kyla Brigitte Ries, West Palm Beach FL.

Endless in the Confines.

Endless in the Confines of Our Continuum

1975, 16 x 10 , acrylic, silk screen, gold mylar, and collage on board.
Signed and dated on back.

Stolen painting; recovered

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 The Sky of Centuries Disturbs the Universe

1975, 12x8, acrylic, screen, collage, attached parts/panel.
Collection of Dr Mary Weitzman, NYC.

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 Labyrinths, Playgrounds, and the Noise of the Gods

1976, 38x7, acrylic, screen on masonite.
Collection of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bruce, Esq., Scarsdale NY.

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 Fatigued Rationality: Homage to Raphael

1978, 41x11, acrylic, screen, attached parts/masonite.
Collection of Housatonic Museum, Bridgeport CT.

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