Martin Ries
Mystic Landscapes

Robert C. Morgan, in his essay, “The Interior Landscape and the Value of Mysticism: Paintings by Martin Ries,” wrote:
“a visual poet, possessed by a heightened sensory cognition, whose observations of the natural world move rapidly into the mysterious depths of the unconscious.”

I’m not a mystic and I’m not a cosmologist, but I am an artist interested in this century and the future. In the 21st century humanity first began to grasp the true measure of the cosmos. Technology and science will be shaping us as we shape it; thus, my titles have scientific as well as poetic references, but more importantly these paintings are not solely abstractions so much as they are personal symbolism and feelings.

The planet is a traditional emblem of power and energy, the essential force of the universe, while the vertical lines are like a screen, or enclosure, whose transcendent purpose is a barrier to some mystery to preserve psychic order.
The halo-like cosmic planet with lines radiating downward, are not unlike the spectral rays in Bernini's The Ecstasy of St. Theresa, (Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome) or Aten, the disk of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology.

This is “Landscape” as a state of being in topographical non-spatial terms, yet pertaining to the material earth, implying
a chthonian and maternal metaphor. A work of art, beyond being a manifestation of what we see, or are unable to see,
is also one of belief. Like Immanuel Kant's "moral law within," we know more than we can calculate or articulate, analogous to Paul Tillich's “existence resists conceptualization.”

The "Mystic Landscape" image, or format, repeated over and over, echoes the work of Agnes Martin,
Mark Rothko, Barnet Newman, and other serial artists.

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Mystic Landscapes

The Missing Element In Gravity: Mystic Landscape

2011, 14x8, acrylic, glitter, on treated panel.
Collection of Mr.
Robert C Morgan, NY.

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Mystic Landscape: Rapture in the Molecular Field

2000, 16x12, acrylic on canvas panel.
Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Dean Busetti, Larchmont NY.

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Rapture in the Molecular Field: Mystic Landscape

2000, 16 x 12, acrylic on canvas panel.

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Mystic Landscape as Organizing Principle

2002, 16 x 12, acrylic/canvas.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Firor collection, New York and Peru.

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Ganglion Patterns in Mystic Landscape

2003, 13½ x 8, acrylic/panel.
Noel Frackman Collection, Scarsdale NY.

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Slow Time: Mystic Landscapes

2005, 32 x 27 acrylic/canvas.
Private collection, Westchester County NY.

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Feed Upon Infinity: Mystic Landscape

2005, 42x13, acrylic on canvas.
Private collection, Westchester County NY.

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Mystic Landscape: A Scatter of Meanings

2006, 30 x 24 acrylic on canvas.

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Mystic Landscape as Ultimate Concern

2007, 5 x 7 acrylic, glitter/treated panel.
Sue Groner Collection, Bedford NY.

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The Electromagnetic Radiation of Mystic Landscapes

2008, 20x16 in. [50.8x40.6 cm], acrylic, glitter on canvas board.

Mystic Landscape-Martin Ries

Mystic Landscape: Extragalactic Radiation

2010, 49½x6 in. [125.7x15.2 cm], acrylic, glitter, on masonite.
Collection of Elana Silberman Collection, Scarsdale NY.

Mystic Landscape-Martin Ries

Mystic Landscape Encoded In Entangled Quantum Particles

2013, 6 x 4-3/4, mixed media, glitter and acrylic on treated board.
Collection of Jerry and Karen Wallace Collection, Greenburg NY.

Mystic Landscape-Martin Ries

Mystic Landscape: The Beginning of Infinities

2017, 15¾x21½ in. [40x54.57 cm], acrylic, glitter, on masonite.
Signed lower right.

Mystic Landscapes

"Mystic Landscapes" catalogue (pdf file size 6MB)

2006, 8.5 x 11, 24 page, full color booklet.

Essay by Robert C. Morgan, Afterword by Martin Ries
contact Martin Ries for a copy of the Mystic Landscape catalogue

"Size isn't everything"



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"Mystic Landscapes by Martin Ries"
Full color catalogue, 2006
©, 8.5 x 11, 24 page.
Essay by Robert C. Morgan, Afterword by Martin Ries