"> Mystic Landscapes: An Intuition of Order; by Martin Ries

Long Island University Magazine
Kim Volpe-Casalino, Editor. vol. 15, no.2, Fall 2007, p. 29

Mystic Landscapes: An Intuition of Order
by Martin Ries, professor emeritus of art and art history,
Hays Gallery, Hammond Museum.
North Salem
, NY.
June 9 -
September 8, 2007


In his latest exhibit, “Mystic Landscapes: An Intuition of Order,” painter and printmaker Martin Ries considers the interplay between science and art, envisioning the intersection of technology and spirituality. Wrapping his artistic eye around the concepts of space and time he mixes traditional mythological symbols that suggest hills, water and the moon with images of wavelengths and fields of energy to create a new visual language. Using spherical forms, curved contours and vertical striations, he evokes a sense of order and significance amidst the apparent chaos of colors, conveying themes of transcendence and purity, and highlighting the universal connections between all things.

Martin Ries, Ganglions of History: Mystic Landscape, 2005
Martin Ries, Ganglions of History: Mystic Landscape, 2005

These new pieces provide a counterpoint to his early series “Sacred Landscapes,” which was inspired by his experiences in World War II and his rumina­tions on the demise of civilizations. Whereas in “Sacred Landscapes,” man was depicted as being rooted in the ground - molecular and biodegradable - the new work portrays man’s state of being in non-spatial terms. Humans are shown to be one with the vibrations of the cosmos and the spirit world. It is a decidedly more optimistic view, hopefully foretelling beautiful landscapes of light and opening a dialogue about out next stage of evolution. By capturing the inextricable link between the spiritual and the scientific, Ries asks us to consider the notion that technology may very well compel humans to be more humane.



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